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Working at 4flow

Customer-orientation, excellence, respect, and sustainability form the basis of our unique culture at 4flow and characterize how we work.

As a company that has been named one of the Best Workplaces in Europe twice, we know that excellent results can only be achieved with an excellent team. Our talent management program gives 4flowers optimal opportunities to develop on a professional and a personal level – a team culture you'll enjoy being a part of.

4flow helps team members balance a career and family with their own personal development. We support health and well-being through various programs – because our people are our greatest asset. Our approach allows us to overcome challenges, meet our goals, and get the best possible results for our clients.

A focus on excellence

As a member of an excellent team, new 4flowers learn from some of the best people in supply chain consulting, supply chain software and supply chain services. Our proven culture of leadership focuses on developing each team member individually. The professional development program we offer consists of core modules and individualized training. This fosters continuous personal and professional growth. The lively exchange of knowledge among 4flowers and throughout our business units enriches the daily work experience.

Our doors are open

There are no closed doors at 4flow. Transparency and openness prevail in our daily communication with each other. All 4flowers communicate as equals and treat each other with respect. At 4flow, the opinion of each individual 4flower counts; everyone can and is encouraged to contribute ideas and make a real impact.

Growing together

The 4flow team culture is characterized not only by sustainable and respectful behavior on the job but includes team activities beyond work as well. Whether it's at our weekly Friday breakfast or competing as a team at sporting events – you'll notice our strong sense of community from day one. Trust and fun at work are key ingredients to our success.

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