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Automotive manufacturers

The supply chain is one of the most crucial areas of optimization for automotive manufacturers today. 

The automotive industry represents one of the most significant sectors of the European economy. But for quite some time automakers have had to cope with difficult conditions. On top of increasing cost pressures, international competition is also becoming more fierce.

In order to enter as many markets as possible, vehicle manufacturers have set up production around the world. The increasingly broad range of variants and models continues to influence the profitability of vehicle manufacturers.  With high fluctuations in volume as the norm, forecasting sales has become increasingly difficult. Since manufacturers are increasingly producing several models at one site, the requirements for flexible processes and structures have increased enormously.

Supply chain processes and value streams have to reach new levels of flexibility. Because of this, new supply chain concepts and the active management of outbound and inbound flow are now essential.

4flow is a reliable and successful partner for the automotive industry for all supply chain issues

For more than a decade, 4flow has been optimizing the supply chains of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. By cooperating with manufacturers, we optimize processes, structures, and organization or assist companies with the implementation of new management methods. Among other core competencies, 4flow is an experienced partner in projects that involve planning and implementing Lean Logistics, integrated transportation management, total cost of ownership metrics or supply chain flexibility. Our solutions comprise all facets of the automotive industry – ranging from standard production to pilot production and even after-sales services. On top of that, 4flow also assists with setting up supply chain processes and structures for new plants or new vehicle models around the world. As an outsourcing partner, 4flow also operates and manages supply chains, performs transportation optimization long-term, and optimizes spare parts logistics.

For sustained realization of enhanced planning and optimization processes, we support clients with our supply chain software solution 4flow vista®, developed in-house. 4flow elevates its clients to new levels in network optimization, transportation planning, transportation management, supply chain segmentation, supply chain planning, and continuous inventory optimization.

In short, 4flow helps businesses in the automotive industry respond to complex market demands.

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“In 4flow, we have found a professional partner and a real expert on transportation management. It was also strategically important to us that we work with a 4PL that is 100 percent independent. 4flow is non-asset based, fully management-owned, and does not have strategic business relations with carriers.”
Buelent Ileri, Director Transportation & Logistics, EAME

“We received help from 4flow to optimize reporting structures, to create processes, among other things. It was a hugely successful project and we are still using those templates and those processes today.”
Joern Krueger, Head of V-Class/Vito Project Management Office
Fujian Benz Automotive

“By working with 4flow, we were able to reduce our total cost per truck and increase process quality at the same time.”
Thomas Hayer, head of procurement and production logistics and Wolfgang Weichselbaum, head of logistics/supply chain management
MAN Truck & Bus

 “With the total landed cost optimization tool in 4flow vista®, we’ve already reduced a substantial amount of supply chain costs. On top of the support provided by the software, the worldwide standardization of our decision-making processes connected to it was a key success factor.”
Marzell Bandur, director, supply chain planning

“Through dynamic planning and management of the shipments, we are able to reduce transportation costs significantly. The new organization engineered by 4flow consulting has enabled Volvo Cars to get much better and closer control of our own supply chain which will lead the way to further improvements.”
Lars Krafft, Director Global Logistics Network Design
Volvo Car Corporation


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