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Container concepts

A sound container concept along the entire supply chain is one of the best levers for sustainably lowering overall supply chain costs.

For many companies, manufacturing and quality are the focus of container planning, while logistics is often disregarded. Oftentimes, there is no container strategy across the supply chain in place, which can lead to a mixed container landscape. This results in high costs in logistics, manufacturing, and quality.

Beyond this, container management poses unsolved challenges for many companies. The investment risk associated with containers are often unavoidable. The number of containers in the network is usually not clear. And product availability in many cases means that a surplus of containers is purchased.

Benefits of container concepts

4flow consulting gets the following results in projects with clients:

  • Significant reduction of unit cost, especially by lowering logistics, manufacturing, and quality costs
  • Minimization of container investments
  • Achievement of a high degree of standardization and increased process reliability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Less planning required long term
  • Increased productivity in container management
  • Transparency in the container network

Solutions from 4flow

The development of a comprehensive container strategy is the basis for container concepts by 4flow consulting. When developing that strategy the requirements across multiple functions are also considered. And developing or examining the business model is usually necessary too.

The requirements for the container and packaging are developed based on the processes and characteristics of the goods being transported. Based on this, the container is selected, while also ensuring the highest degree of standardization possible. Business cases are then used to evaluate alternative scenarios.

During the third phase, new containers are designed in detail, and then prototypes are built and tested. This type of subproject is completed when the new containers are introduced.

Insight gained from revamping or redesigning the current container strategy is usually incorporated into a new container guideline. Based on the business model and a transparent container network, a container management concept is developed. At 4flow, we support clients with the implementation of new processes, organization, and IT.

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