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Distribution centers

Implementing modern distribution centers stabilizes processes, ensures efficient space utilization, and reduces the amount of resources used.

Redesigning or optimizing distribution centers can be necessary for a number of reasons. Rising volumes, an expanded assortment of items, or changes to distribution channels and network structures often require action to be taken. Even increases in client’s expectations regarding replenishment times and reliability of supply, play great roles.

Both greenfield and brownfield site development present opportunities to implement lean supply chain processes. With an advanced supply chain infrastructure, space can be used more efficiently and resources can be conserved.


By implementing modern distribution centers our clients have benefited from:

  • Significant reduction of supply chain costs
  • Higher service levels and better availability of goods
  • More flexibility by reducing lead time
  • Less inventory in the supply chain

Solutions from 4flow

A distribution center design project is divided into two main phases: strategy and realization. During the first phase, a rough plan that defines the logistics strategy for the property is made. Calculating the business case is especially important when considering the typically high investment required for the construction of a new facility. Processes, structures, resources and the layout are defined and a call for bids is made. 4flow consulting adheres to the implementation of our proven lean logistics principles.

The projects are complete when the facility is up and running and the new processes have stabilized. 4flow supports clients from the rough planning phase to putting the distribution center into service.

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