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Lean logistics

The innovative lean logistics solutions provided by 4flow consulting lower costs sustainably and result in standardized logistics processes.

Sharp increases in volume or lot size, substantial increases in product variety as well as processes and infrastructures that have grown over time and no longer meet the current requirements, call for new and efficient logistics concepts.

This fast paced environment is not about to slow down in the future. So solutions have to be flexible so they can be easily adapted. Large investments will be a thing of the past. The key for many companies now is to work toward flow-based logistics.

Waste in the traditional sense can still be found in most companies, even across different functions. The introduction of lean principles in production often triggers the decision to begin a lean logistics project and define new requirements in logistics. When these two disciplines are connected, it is absolutely necessary to have a precise means of assessing the overall impact that new concepts have on costs.

Benefits of lean logistics

With our lean logistics approach, 4flow consulting gets cost-optimized, quantifiable, and scalable processes in logistics. Experience shows that supply chain costs can be lowered sustainably, often in the double-digit percentage range with our methods. Additional improvements include:

  • Considerable reductions in supply chain areas
  • Lower inventories
  • Elimination of standstills and delays in logistics
  • Less standstills caused by logistics in production
  • Increases in product availability
  • Less logistics personnel required

Solutions from 4flow

The Lean Logistics approach we take at 4flow consulting makes it possible to break down old structures. Lean and standardized logistics processes are implemented in the organization and logistics costs are lowered sustainably. The reliable 4flow lean management approach calls for taking an integrated look at logistics and production. Manufacturing processes can then be optimized from end to end.

The implementation of lean logistics based on the 4flow approach begins with making the current situation more transparent. To do this, we use a few of our solutions from the 4flow toolbox such as: process model, value stream analysis, cost analysis, weak spot analysis, maturity model, cause and effect analysis and basic parameter analysis.

With 4flow’s approach to Lean Logistics, internal material flow processes become streamlined and more flexible.
With 4flow’s approach to Lean Logistics, internal material flow processes become streamlined and more flexible.

Based on the 4flow lean logistics principles, new standard processes are developed and layout alternatives are designed. After a successful pilot phase, the standard processes are rolled out and firmly established in the organization.

At 4flow, we aim to design innovative logistics processes based on the customer's requirements. 4flow consulting utilizes tried-and-true lean logistics modules in multifaceted projects and gets customized solutions with a high rate of standardization.

4flow consulting assists with the change process as an active partner. We take our plan and make it a reality for our clients.

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