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Lean manufacturing

A rolling implementation of lean manufacturing solutions by 4flow consulting lowers costs and increases productivity in production.

Due to a high level of competition along with strong growth and faster product launches, usually with constraints due to the infrastructure, companies are putting more emphasis on the optimization of production processes.

4flow optimizes overall cost by taking an integrated lean management approach.
4flow optimizes overall cost by taking an integrated lean management approach.

Reducing production costs, improving quality, and increasing productivity are the goals of lean manufacturing. Solely focusing on lean processes in production, however, often leads to an increase in supply chain costs and even to a higher total cost. Due to this fact, lean manufacturing should always be looked at as part of an end-to-end lean management approach.

Manufacturing processes can be optimized in their entirety by taking an integrated look at customers, production, logistics, and suppliers.

Benefits of lean manufacturing

The implementation of lean manufacturing in conjunction with lean logistics by 4flow consulting, leads to cost savings in the double-digit percentage range. Savings up to 75 percent are possible by implementing individual optimization methods. 4flow consulting regularly gets the following results for clients:

  • Much shorter throughput times
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Leveled workloads in production thanks to clearly defined planning and control processes
  • Increased quality
  • Clear organizational structures and KPIs

Solutions from 4flow

4flow aims to design production processes based on a client's needs, thereby setting new standards. We create transparency in the entire supply chain and look for causes with a holistic approach. Holistic implementation often includes the following:

  • Value strategy and production structure audits (including alignment of the product structure)
  • Synchronization and integration of planning processes both in production and from customer to supplier; production planning and management play a key role
  • Implementation of lean principles in production and related areas of physical logistics
  • Optimization of supplier integration and increased supply chain flexibility
  • Organizational alignment to new concepts and principles

In production, 4flow consulting utilizes proven best practice methods in projects and process modules which can be applied to various clients’ specific requirements. With our lean manufacturing methods, we concentrate on avoiding waste throughout the entire production process:

  • Identification of cost drivers and efficiency obstacles (overproduction, waiting time, errors and reworking)
  • Value stream analysis aiming at visualization and optimization
  • Leveling and tact-based timing of tasks to increase process stability
  • Planning of flow-oriented layouts for production and logistics based on customer requirements along the entire supply chain
  • Integration of all requirements for internal and external process interfaces into the plan (logistics, sales, quality, suppliers)

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