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Material staging design

Integrated material staging processes lead to less expenditure in manufacturing and logistics and increase delivery reliability.

Manufacturing is often at the forefront of focus when it comes to lean manufacturing  principles. However, if logistics requirements are not accounted for, the full potential of optimization simply cannot be reached.

A seamless coordination of manufacturing and logistics is especially important in material staging processes. The challenge is for logistics to approach the manufacturing unit and present alternatives while encouraging a total-cost point of view. Multi-order picking is growing especially in the automotive industry, where the variety of models is constantly increasing and assembly takes place on one line.

Benefits of Material staging design

Integrated material staging design with support from 4flow consulting leads to the following results:

  • Transparency about materials inventory in manufacturing
  • Substantial reduction of materials inventory in manufacturing areas
  • Free up space in manufacturing area (introducing supermarket-style picking and creating sets of parts)
  • Increased employee productivity in manufacturing and logistics with lean principles
  • Demand-based material staging for manufacturing
  • Clear definition of areas of accountability
  • Comprehensive visualization and increase in availability

Solutions from 4flow

Material staging design begins where manufacturing and logistics meet. 4flow consulting has extensive experience integrating all the functions involved in a specific process. With integrated material supply design, 4flow unites the requirements of manufacturing, logistics, quality and ergonomics.

A material staging design project with 4flow begins by documenting existing processes, the current infrastructure and space utilization as well as gathering the necessary data. The planning of material staging takes place within existing structures directly at the production site. In joint workshops, customized solutions for material staging that include all requirements are developed.

The ideas and solutions are then planned in detail and tested in a pilot area. When new locations are planned, a detailed layout of the various production areas is prepared in coordination with the individual departments and based on planning data.

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