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Procurement planning

Well thought-out procurement processes can boost efficiency and flexibility.

Shorter product lifecycles and a constant increase in the number of variants and models require creative concepts in production and logistics in order to prevent a rise in costs per unit and especially the amount of space required in plants.

Many companies now treat the entire supply chain from supplier to production as one single function. In addition to the holistic design of processes, the organization, and IT, a concept for the active management of procurement is becoming increasingly important.

Benefits of procurement planning

With procurement processes planned by 4flow consulting our clients regularly:

  • Boost the stability of supply
  • Reduce the need for logistics space
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce material inventories at the plant
  • Optimize handling and transportation costs

Solutions from 4flow

With its own methods and tools as well as years of experience in the areas of procurement planning, 4flow consulting optimizes processes and structures effectively and creatively.

One of the key objectives when designing optimized procurement is to define efficient standard processes that are fully accepted in the organization. Part families are categorized according to specific criteria. An assessment of alternative scenarios then takes place by calculating business cases.

After allocating the most cost-effective standard procurement processes in each category, processes, space and control processes are worked out in detail. 4flow consulting helps with the implementation of new standard procurement processes.

The keys to successful implementation of optimal procurement processes are cross-functional teams, taking the layout and structures into consideration and looking at overall cost.

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