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Cost optimization

4flow consulting takes the entire value process into consideration to ensure end-to-end cost optimization.

When potential areas for cost savings are to be identified, the supply chain is often ignored. A major share of capacities and resources often flow into the optimization of other areas, such as production.

Taking a look at the supply chain is important, and is in many cases an absolute necessity. The increasing demand for customer-specific products, the globalization of value creation, and expansion into new markets all influence supply chain processes immensely. The unbridled growth of the supply chain leads to high costs on the one hand and inefficient processes on the other.

Benefits of cost optimization

4flow has several years of experience with the optimization of supply chain costs from end to end. 4flow looks at the entire process of value creation to make processes align throughout entire business networks on a cost-optimized basis.

This leads to considerable cost reductions in the whole value system are the result. 4flow helps customers reduce overall supply chain costs by 15 to 30 percent while raising the service level at the same time.

Solutions from 4flow

With our integrated business model at 4flow, our optimization experts are able to look at clients' entire process of value creation. This way costs can be reduced long term.

4flow has a high level of expertise in all areas of the supply chain:

Creating transparency is always a high priority when we optimize costs for our clients. Working closely with our clients, we develop customized implementation plans. The plan is then put into action in close collaboration to ensure the sustainability of the improvements.

In addition to supply chain consulting, 4flow also develops software solutions for the supply chain and handles the long term optimization and operation of your supply chain as a neutral 4PL and outsourcing partner

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