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A good supply chain sharpens a company’s competitive edge.

The need for major transformations in the supply chain can be triggered by a number of factors. In many cases, circumstances have changed quickly, for example: large companies are acquired, businesses experience strong growth and internationalization, demand fluctuation, shifts in customer segmentation, new purchasing strategies, a lack of profitability and currency effects.

In these types of situations, a company’s competitiveness depends on the supply chain. The challenge is to identify what is causing the deficits in cost or service.

4flow consulting can help. We are an experienced partner for the strategic realignment of supply chains during restructuring projects.

Benefits of Restructuring

Some of the benefits 4flow consulting provides for its clients through restructuring include:

  • Quick integration of new company areas
  • Lower process and personnel costs
  • Increased efficiency throughout the organization
  • Improved process quality
  • Better customer service

Solutions from 4flow

4flow consulting typically begins restructuring projects with an audit phase. During this time, the current situation is analyzed by looking at processes, the system, and the organization of each facility. The resources and performance indicators for each process area and location are gathered. This way, internal best practices and existing weak spots can be identified.

The target concept is then created. Based on internal and external best practices, 4flow consulting develops a staffing plan. Areas of potential are quantified, practicability is analyzed and risks are assessed. Recommendations for action can then be derived.

4flow develops a realistic implementation strategy in cooperation with the client. One of our core competencies is our handling of all aspects of implementation and our fast rate of implementation to ensure an effective outcome is achieved.

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