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IT implementation

By utilizing the right software systems, you can uncover vast opportunities for supply chain optimization.

Software solutions can help you leverage substantial potential for improvement in your supply chain. Often though, software is not integrated throughout the entire supply chain. Often, processes are not optimized and at best only specific areas of the supply chain are focused on. And some organizations still wrestle with spreadsheets to carry out important tasks such as production planning.

This leads to an inconsistent flow of data within the supply chain. Gaps and intransparent processes develop. Reacting to changes becomes difficult to the extent that even service quality and efficiency in the chain are affected. IT-supported monitoring functions that warn about risks and indicate necessary changes are usually absent.

Benefits of IT Implementation

Deploying the right IT solution ensures that the best process can be put in place. IT systems can be implemented for all areas of supply chain management. At 4flow consulting, we know the market for IT-based supply chain management and the critical factors for success.

Some of the results that 4flow gets for clients include:

  • Integrated, standardized and optimized processes
  • Transparency across all layers of the supply chain
  • Reduced costs thanks to processes requiring less time and effort
  • Quick responsiveness to changed market conditions
  • Increased efficiency through automated processes
  • Greatly improved master data

Solutions from 4flow

4flow consulting optimizes the entire supply chain from customer to subsupplier. Of course, one goal is to synchronize supply chain processes, but if necessary 4flow consulting also goes beyond this to concentrate on specific processes. Both selecting the right IT systems and assisting with their implementation are essential components of what we do.

4flow performs gap analyses based on specific processes. We also help prepare technical concepts and specification sheets. 4flow supports clients with managing It service providers when the It system must be changed. This way we help mitigate the significant risks and high costs often encountered during software implementation.

4flow consulting assists with workshops, seminars, and on-the-job training that provide in-struction to ensure an effective use of the IT system in place.

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