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Order management

In the supply chain everything begins and ends with the customer. For many businesses, integrated order management is the key to customer satisfaction.

Inefficient and isolated order management often leads to long lead times and insufficient achievement of delivery dates. In most cases, IT system landscapes have grown over time out of necessity and many departments take an isolated approach, thus preventing seamless and cross-functional order management. As part of the fulfillment process, order details are often only available locally. The overall order status is unknown and cannot be managed across functions.

An enterprise's order management is seldom fully integrated into its preceding and subsequent processes. And participants in the processes often work on different levels. This also applies to key integration points in sales planning, production control, and material requirement planning. Order management is the point where it all comes together in the supply chain. So the action that is taken here needs to account for the entire supply chain.

Benefits of order management

4flow consulting analyzes, optimizes, and synchronizes process interfaces that connect with sales planning, program planning and material requirement planning. With uniform order management across plants, 4flow has gotten excellent results for clients:

  • Effective order management
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Optimized order lead times
  • Improved material availability
  • Better deliver reliability

Solutions from 4flow

4flow consulting supports customers from different industries with the optimization of their order management. Order fulfillment is either aligned on the basis of an already existing business strategy or current processes and the IT landscape are optimized.

A cross-functional analysis identifies and documents specific parameters (for example, lead time, forecasting accuracy, customer requirements, and the supplier footprint) to make future processes transparent. This way, an effective order fulfillment process can be developed and existing processes can be adapted with the goal of integrating and synchronizing them.

4flow consulting applies best practices and various process innovations according to what will best fit any given area. If required, 4flow will also assist with the implementation of optimized processes.

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