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Production planning and scheduling

Optimal production planning and scheduling is essential for manufacturing companies. It ensures efficient production, reliable delivery, and lower costs.

Companies often find themselves trying to deal with large fluctuations in demand on one hand and a strong desire for balanced production on the other. Rigid production plans often make flexible reactions impossible. Methods of optimizing sequencing are often non-existent. As a result, lead times are long, processes are inefficient, and in-process inventories are high.

Benefits of production planning and scheduling

4flow consulting analyzes, optimizes, and synchronizes the supply chain from end to end. Ideally, sales planning and production planning become synchronized and order fulfillment is integrated. Some of the results that 4flow consulting achieves by integrating optimized production planning and scheduling are:

  • Increased reliability of order promises
  • Enabling production to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand
  • Transparency about all processes due to an integrated and fully maintained IT-system
  • Reduction of in-process inventory
  • Improved resource efficiency

Solutions from 4flow

When optimizing production planning and scheduling, 4flow first examines the existing processes and compares them with best-practice solutions. Value stream analyses clearly illustrate the specific flows of materials and information. This makes it possible to identify bottlenecks easily. Based on quantitative analysis, key figures that describe the current situation can be derived and improvement opportunities can be pinpointed.

Workshops are then held with all of the participating functional areas to compile the requirements for optimized production planning and scheduling and prepare an implementation road map.

4flow supports implementation with methods for optimizing batch sizes, resource allocation, sequencing, and production patterns. Depending on the general production conditions and customer demand, the optimal planning method is implemented. Lean manufacturing methods are also applied. 4flow also supports the roll-out of integrated IT solutions so that planning can take place efficiently and quickly with transparent data.