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Sales planning

Optimal sales planning has a profound impact on harmonizing value creation. In addition to focusing on quantitative data, an integrated approach serves as a reliable planning basis for all functional areas.

Sales planning is considered important for all value processes along the supply chain. In many companies, however, sales planning looks more like wishful thinking. Conflicts are inevitable in such cases.

Oftentimes, a reliable forecasting model is not available and planning takes place without regard to market information. Planning figures are often consolidated and gathered manually, requiring a considerable amount of effort. This leads to unreliable sales plans that are already outdated before they are published.

Benefits of sales planning

4flow consulting views the supply chain from end to end. During projects, sales planning and production planning become synchronized and are integrated with order fulfillment. The outcome is a joint basis for planning that was coordinated with all participating stakeholders. Additional results may include:

  • Complete transparency of all information required for planning
  • Binding and deliverable order promises
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks
  • Reduced lead time from sales to delivery
  • Increased planning accuracy
  • Flexibility to account for short-term changes

Solutions from 4flow

For optimal sales planning, 4flow establishes an integrated process across multiple functional areas. First, it is crucial to identify the relevant factors in order to increase planning reliability. When sales planning is restructured, various methods can be applied. By including customers and suppliers into the planning process, additional opportunities can be leveraged.

End-to-end IT support using planning software increases the quality and the acceptance of planning results significantly. 4flow is able to assess and quantify the opportunities offered by the optimized processes.

4flow consulting develops an organization’s sales planning so that it is specific to customers and industries. While doing so, we utilize best practices and apply methods from other fields.

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