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Transportation management

New transportation management models are possible today, and they lead to considerable increases in performance.

Factor costs in transportation are increasing and will continue to increase in the future. For many companies, inbound and outbound transportation make up more than half of a company’s overall supply chain costs.

Transportation costs already make up 3% to 15% of sales in many sectors today. This is due in part to the increasing complexity of global supply chains, the ongoing division of labor, and rising commodity prices. In supply chains that have grown over time, there are subprocesses that are highly influenced by one particular function. A lack of universality across processes creates high transportation costs along with substantial order fulfillment expenditures.

Up until now, many businesses simply consigned shipments. In the future, it will be necessary to actively manage shipments in order to have better control and to lower costs. With the technology available today, new business models in transportation are possible.

Benefits of Transportation Management

Integrated transportation management lowers transportation costs and makes it possible to actively manage logistics.

The results we get for our clients include:

  • Cross-functional transportation strategies based on requirements
  • Optimal transportation concepts
  • Establishment of organizational requirements and the planning process for sustainable implementation
  • Setup of continuous processes, IT systems, and organization

Solutions from 4flow

With our innovative approach, 4flow unites strategic, tactical, and operational transportation planning and optimization with transportation order fulfillment, event management, freight invoicing and reporting. Resulting in universal processes, better use of forecast data and enhanced network capability, this approach provides valuable benefits.

4flow transportation management reference model
4flow transportation management reference model

Over the years, 4flow consulting has successfully implemented transportation management processes and systems during several projects on a large scale. Based on our experience, we developed the 4flow reference model for integrated transportation management. 

4flow consulting takes a holistic approach to transportation management implementation. We introduce new processes, optimize the IT landscape, and set up an efficient organization. By applying our extensive practical experience to optimize your transportation management, we get excellent results.

Our business units 4flow software and 4flow management also provide transportation management services. With our supply chain software 4flow vista®, we offer a highly advanced planning and optimization system. And our supply chain services unit 4flow management can handle your transportation management operations as an outsourcing partner.

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