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Global supply chain management

4flow management takes over the continuous management and optimization of international supply chains and achieves a high level of material availability and efficient processes.

The volume of goods moved through intercontinental supply chains is constantly on the rise. Companies are now adding value to products and services on a global basis. Since most networks grow out of necessity over time, today, it’s rare that material flows are able to be combined and processed efficiently. This results in high costs and low performance levels throughout the entire supply chain.

Oftentimes, the flows of information and materials are not coordinated jointly; there is a lack of general transportation standards and uniform approach to procuring logistics services. This leads to high costs and marginal performance throughout the entire supply network. On a global level this lack of transparency results in long lead times, high inventory levels and less flexibility.

4flow management has extensive experience optimizing and managing global supply chains. The ultimate goal is to bring transparency to the entire worldwide network. With that transparency, we then harness significant optimization opportunities, and manage the supply chain accordingly.

Benefits of global supply chain management

The optimization and operation of global supply chains by 4flow management make it possible to reduce supply chain costs up to double-digit percentages and boost service levels.
By working together with 4flow management, customers can:

  • Increase transparency in the entire network
  • Improve informational value
  • Create synergies among regions, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Evaluate scenarios quickly
  • Segment the supply chain

    Services from 4flow

    4flow management bundles the flow of information and materials in global supply chains to create synergies among different regions.
    4flow management bundles the flow of information and materials in global supply chains to create synergies among different regions.

    As the main manager and integrator in the global network, 4flow management brings about substantial improvements. In addition to managing the daily flow of materials, the experts at 4flow management continuously optimize the network. If required, 4flow also handles material management and customer management as well. This way the focus can shift to a high level of material availability and efficient processes with optimized costs.

    4flow management offers its customers these services:

    • Order management: planning and management of suppliers and customer orders
    • Inventory management: management of materials for better availability with the lowest inventory possible
    • Bottleneck management and event management: daily auditing and immediate responses  in case of deviations
    • Supplier management: improving relationships to and developing suppliers
    • Integrated transportation management
    • Support of logistics services sourcing
    • Packaging planning: design and optimization of transportation packaging

    4flow management utilizes state-of-the-art software technology for global supply chain management.

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