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4flow management utilizes specialized IT systems that ensure standardized processes for planning and operations.

4flow management utilizes advanced technology to manage and optimize transportation networks. Our customers profit from vast improvements in planning capability as well as a high level of efficiency in operational processes and transparency on all levels.

Standardized and customized systems

Transportation planning, optimization, and operational processes can be integrated using our integrated software 4flow vista® which is developed in-house. Based on future demand data, multiple users can work together to design and optimize shipping and then transmit specific orders to the transportation service provider. Rates are maintained and managed centrally.

In the area of global supply chain management, our customers benefit from customized supply chain software. The supply chain software is docked to customers' ERP or MRP system to support vital processes such as order and inventory management. Bottleneck and exception management are also supported. The main goals are a high degree of transparency of demand, inventories, and availability of materials along with the bundling of information flows.

Data import and export

All the IT systems are linked up via interfaces. The system in which each set of data is maintained and administrated is clearly defined. On top of this, data integrity is ensured thanks to standardized and automated audits.

Integration into the customer's system landscape also takes place using standard interfaces. 4flow vista® has an open interface that is compatible with different formats such as CSV, XML or EDI. Connections to SAP-based systems are also possible. Reporting is performed using an accompanying data warehouse. This gives customers online access to reports and metrics that apply directly to them. The data and reports can also be downloaded in different formats (including PDF, XLS, and CSV), if required.

All of the systems are available as modules and can be configured as needed.

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