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Network optimization

Optimize global supply chains with 4flow vista®. Make decisions faster and be sure about them.

Planning and managing a supply chain is becoming more and more complex. Global supply chains are often not planned systematically but instead grow over time, out of necessity. This results in unseen material flow and untraceable cost allocations. Global network structures, therefore, often bear the potential for enormous improvements.

Global networks can be optimized from the ground up with 4flow vista® – the specific requirements of different network types are considered as well. A realistic model of the current network creates transparency of existing processes and structures. Based on the model, possible scenarios are generated and then the network is optimized across all costs.

Benefits of network optimization with 4flow vista®

4flow vista® – standard software for network optimization
4flow vista® – network optimization




4flow vista® makes it possible to determine the ideal structure of a supply, production, or distribution network. In addition to determining the layering of a network, you can find the optimal number and site of facilities as well as the best allocation of items and parts to individual locations.

Additional benefits:

  • Optimized number and position of warehouses in the network
  • Cost-minimized allocation of plant/store location and warehouse
  • Lower transportation costs by reorganizing suppliers in the network
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Optimized service times

How 4flow vista® works

Network optimization with 4flow vista® takes place in three steps. First, the current network is recreated in a realistic model. Methods, structures, processes, and costs then become transparent by using different analysis methods. By creating scenarios, steps to optimize the network can be identified. With the software’s advanced optimization algorithms, the user gets valuable help for identifying actions to optimize the network.

The outcome of the automatic optimization is saved in separate scenarios. Examples include network issues such as greenfield planning, optimal warehouse positioning or inventory and frequency optimization. Each instance of optimization can consider constraints such as capacity or minimum frequency. Optimization with 4flow vista® focuses on determining the best scenario to get optimal total costs.

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