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Supply chain design

As an all-in-one software solution, 4flow vista® gives you the tools to analyze, plan and optimize.

Markets that undergo change require continuous, responsive, and flexible supply chain design. Several network scenarios have to be modeled quickly in order to compare options and make sound decisions throughout the planning phases. To harness the complexity of today’s supply chain, it is essential to include business processes and structures in the supply chain design.

4flow vista® can model an entire supply chain from end to end with an unlimited amount of layers. Supply chain design can be performed on a global basis with 4flow vista®, no matter where you are located. With a focus on overall supply chain costs, the software is ideal for deployment in any industry and can be suited to fit individual use scenarios.

Benefits of designing supply chains with 4flow vista®

Using 4flow vista® leads to shorter design phases and enhanced results for supply chain planning. This unlocks opportunities to save costs.

With 4flow vista® you get the following benefits:

  • Standardized supply chain design
  • Modeling, visualization and analysis of networks
  • Planning and optimization at different degrees of detail
  • Uses a shared set of data
  • Reusable templates from existing projects
  • Standardized data collection
  • Complete documentation of supply chain processes and structures

4flow vista® also features long-term user support services.

How 4flow vista® works

Planungsebenen in 4flow vista® umfassen alle Funktionsbereiche eines Logistiknetzwerkes
Planning with 4flow vista® includes all the functional areas of a supply chain network

Supply chain design with 4flow vista® is based on standardized design processes with a shared set of data independent of location or function. This ensures planning consistency across all layers of the supply chain. A supply chain planner can easily model multiple scenarios. 4flow vista® is user friendly.

The entire design of the physical processes and structures in a supply network takes place on multiple levels. In 4flow vista® you can plan at each of these levels and create detailed models. In addition to network design, transportation planning, and cost-to-serve capability,   supply planning and material flow planning can also be performed.

The flexibility of 4flow vista® lets you model individual planning scenarios.

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